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Weather decision support

Aviation risk management and weather 

Understanding weather is extremely important in aviation risk management. Severe weather can cause damage to both equipment and personnel. There is also financial risk - and opportunities - in optimizing aviation services for weather patterns. 

  • Optimal route forecasts
  • Low-level significant weather charts
  • Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts (TAF)
  • Training for offshore observers

StormGeo's aviation services provide full-column weather decision support for the operational and planning needs of the aviation industry. We can tell you when to fly and when to keep your aircrafts on the ground, allowing you to plan staffing and operations better. Our services include offshore helicopter and airport operations as well as observer training & competency assessment. 

Trusted name in Aviation Risk Management

As the only fully accredited commercial provider in Europe for specific services, StormGeo is a trusted supplier of meteorological services for aviation risk management. 

StormGeo is the industry-leading CAP 437 accredited training company for offshore observers and we provide training worldwide. StormGeo also has CAP 746 accreditation for the provision of observer training at aerodromes.

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