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Heli MetOps/ Plan

Be one step ahead   

Heli MetOps

StormGeo's Heli MetOps is the complete decision support tool to successfully manage aviation logistics for offshore operations. The Heli MetOps forecasts are delivered in an intuitive “traffic light” format to successfully identify and manage periods of flight restrictions. This level of decision support means the right staff are in the right place at the right time, making for more efficient operations.

Heli MetOps forecasts are provided three times per day for the day of operations. This allows you to make contingency plans for airport and offshore helideck closures, enabling you to:

  • Disseminate information to offshore crews in a timely manner and reduce the amount of time spent at airports
  • Secure hotel accommodations and benefit from less expensive rates
  • Make advance travel arrangements for staff being transferred to and from alternate airports

Heli MetPlan

Heli MetPlan is a daily planner that provides your logistics team with a two-to-five day overview. It is presented in a similar format to Heli MetOps and is issued once per day. This extended forecast gives you a look ahead for advance planning.