Fleet Information Technician

In Aberdeen or New York or Silicon Valley


This is the entry level position title within this series. Employees are expected to perform the full range of entry-level duties and to train for the next level.

Reporting to the Fleet Information Supervisor, the employee enters data into a proprietary database using data received from various sources such as from ship masters and clients around the world.

Responsible for categorizing messages appropriately within the data entry system and forwarding to the appropriate personnel. Understands the operational flow/importance of all messages received.

Responsible for troubleshooting and solving various proprietary data/voyage alerts using known techniques and strategies while also using common sense and strong data analysis skills. Sends messages to masters/clients to confirm suspicious data.

Responsible for categorizing and sorting incoming messages within the Not Reviewed Queue. Also troubleshoots and reviews messages during this process focusing primarily on data management and quality control.

Provides various task support to the Route Analyst/End of Voyage departments in the form of quality control and waypoints.

Employees must be able to work rotating shifts, with varying days off, work nights and/or weekends and are expected to be able to perform the functions and duties of all shifts.

All Fleet Information employees are expected to identify ways the team can work together better from both an operational and overall business perspective. Each team member is expected to fully participate in meetings and projects and to help each other meet the productivity standards in place.


  • Enters data by inputting alphabetic and numeric information using an established procedure and through a proprietary interface.
  • Quality controls entered data by reviewing and correcting data.
  • Basic knowledge of geography and the ability to interpret and input basic, intended and recommended routes using geographical waypoints and Bon Voyage our proprietary route and weather display system.
  • Full understanding of all data and voyage based alerts including techniques and strategies for solving them. Creates messages to confirm suspicious data.
  • Basic knowledge of the review/unreview guidelines and can correctly identify most situations for review and unreview messages
  • Generates messages, but saves all for review.
  • Successful completion of the Fleet Information Training Plan with Supervisor sign off.


  • Ability to enter data accurately with acute attention to detail and quality control.
  • Proactive when it comes to problem-solving.
  • Ability to respond quickly to workflow fluctuations or changes in priorities and to meet deadlines accordingly in a changing environment.
  • Ability to multi-task, use personal judgment and utilize strong decision-making skills.
  • Strong typing, analytical, and computer skills.

Education and Experience:

Minimum AA degree OR one year of Data Entry experience.

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