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Weather Department Decision Support for Restaurant and Hospitality

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The Restaurant and Hospitality industry depends heavily upon weather conditions

The Restaurant and Hospitality industry can live or die based upon the current weather conditions and the weather forecast. What is perceived as bad weather can keep clients and customers from venturing out, while unexpected pleasant conditions can drive more business to your door than you’re prepared to contend with.

Business reputation and profit depend upon these factors. In addition, when severe weather events occur, the hospitality industry often provides food, shelter, and safety to surrounding community members in need.

Hospitality managers need timely site-specific weather impact information and guidance in order to protect people, property and the business reputation from the effects of severe weather.

StormGeo Cross Industry solutions assists hospitality companies in preparing for and minimizing the effects of severe weather events on business operations.

StormGeo Restaurant and Hospitality services benefits

  • Provide optimal preparedness planning and guidance
  • Advise site-optimal specific operation under severe weather conditions
  • Increase protection to employees, customers, and facilities
  • Minimize business impact, closure, or evacuation
  • Maximize business accessibility

StormGeo Restaurant and Hospitality services feature

  • Site-specific, 24/7 global weather impact monitoring, alerts and guidance for:
  • Severe thunderstorms and lightning
  • Snow storms and freezing rain
  • Tropical storms, hurricanes, and flooding
  • Extreme temperature conditions
  • Business continuity plan review, development, and support
  • Employee training and preparedness
  • Secure client dashboard customized to facility location-specifi¬c and operational requirements
  • Personal access to meteorologists that know your business

StormGeo is your 24/7/365 weather department protecting personnel, property, and profit. Your Weather Department Decision Support for Restaurant and Hospitality.

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