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Price and Production Forecast

Factoring weather into production and consumption forecasts

Factoring weather into production and consumption forecasts

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StormGeo’s online portal shows the estimated wind power production of the farms. “I think it’s a benefit to have such a system to look forward into the future. We see the estimated wind power production and that it will generate a specific amount of energy, and we can then predict the amount of energy they will deliver into our grid.”
Freddy van Halm
key benefits

Power Grid Stability

StormGeo helps operators to ensure that the electricity generated corresponds to the electricity that is consumed.

Efficient Transmission and Distribution of Electricity

Advanced weather forecasting is vital to predicting the feed-in of various sources of power generation.

Details and Specifications

Accurate weather forecasts play an essential role in understanding power production and consumption. Planning power can depend on renewable energy resources like wind, solar radiation, and precipitation. StormGeo has 20 years of experience in the hydropower industry, along with more than 10 years of experience in the rapidly growing wind power industry.

Estimating power consumption by factories, municipalities and residents also depends on weather events and fluctuations in temperature. StormGeo has developed products and services that translate meteorological data into the relevant parameters for the power generation industries.

We offer customized solutions

  • Production forecast for wind, hydro and solar
  • Online weather portal
  • Weather forecast data
  • Weather observation data
  • Uncertainty estimates
  • Model output statistics
  • Nowcasting and integration of on-site measurements
  • Climatology.