Optimization on-the-go

Optimization on-the-go

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When we selected StormGeo as our weather software provider, we considered all of our needs. We liked BVS’s a/m functionality and the fact that it provided much better visualization than our previous solution.
Marek Walkiewicz, Fleet Manager and Technical Mana
Sunship Schiffahrtskontor KG
Key Benefits

Optimum Route Calculation within the Master’s Stated Safety Parameters

Our newest features help put voyage planning right in the hands of the Master, enabling him to plan and determine the safest, most fuel-efficient route.

Tropical StormTrack - Ensemble Probability

Tropical Storm data with automatic updates are sent based on latest available forecasts. Improving decision-making for crew and cargo safety, the new Tropical Cyclone Multi-Model (TCMM) track technology, improves upon the ‘cone of uncertainty’.

Access to All Required Weather Parameters

Master is supplied with around-the-clock weather routing information.

Details and Specifications

BVS8.3 General LIGHTColor 01

StormGeo’s Bon Voyage System continues to be the Master’s choice for reliability and user friendliness with 6000+ installations and over two decades of continued development. Combined with our Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS), sets up a valuable communication protocol between a vessel and shore-based manager, allowing for the display of not only actual route track but also the route planned in BVS. StormGeo’s BVS supplies the Master with around-the-clock optimum routing information and provides the channel which enables enhanced decision support by shore-based operators. StormGeo's On-Board Service, BVS  was designed with Masters in mind.

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Vessel navigates safely around Hurricane Irma and Jose

With StormGeo's BVS and Routing Service, the captain was able to sail the most efficient route while avoiding both storms.