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Weather Services

Global reach and local relevance

StormGeo supplies your media team with expert global and local weather services to deliver accurate, professional forecasts through a flexible, efficient system. We have meteorologists in eight operations centers on three continents to provide continuous weather information to both large global clients and small focused outlets. Additionally, we have a substantial research and development department dedicated to providing the best and most advanced weather tools.

Our core broadcast package includes

  • Essential weather forecast models, covering weather components such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, cloud cover, wind and waves as well as irregular events such as sandstorms and flood patterns
  • Tropical cyclone development and tracking, following and predicting a storm’s path and intensity throughout its duration
  • Comprehensive alerts, warnings and watches, based on the extreme forecasting index for temperature, precipitation and winds
  • Frequent, regular observations from satellites, radar and surface stations

Beyond our core services, StormGeo offers these supplemental broadcast services

  • Training courses in meteorology and weather presentation to help your broadcast professionals capture their audience and boost ratings
  • Teleprompter weather scripts to support weather reporters and anchors
  • Online portals for weather anchors and meteorologists to analyze local, regional and global conditions
  • Ready-to-air editorial content with statistics and meteorologist interviews
  • Proprietary weather graphics and animations that are automatically populated with data and can be manipulated in seconds, offering endless visualization possibilities to make you stand out in your market