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Offshore: Weather Forecasts, Risk Management

Control in a changing environment

Offshore operations depend on an accurate understanding of the ocean environment. StormGeo has decades of global experience with clients who have been served from our operational desks around the world. We follow and utilize the most sophisticated methods available in modern forecasting and weather risk management, including the best available worldwide weather models, fine scale atmospheric and wave modelling, various statistical correction techniques and post-processing.

We continuously make significant investments in product development while quickly adapting to meet our clients’ special requests. A primary focus has been to turn scientific findings into useful operational solutions.

StormGeo understands that the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries depend on an accurate understanding of the ocean environment. We provide comprehensive and customized offshore weather forecasts and monitoring packages, along with expert support to ensure safety, increase efficiency and minimize environmental impact at every stage of an offshore project.

StormGeo is a CAP 437 certified training company for offshore observers. We lead the industry in offshore observer training, having trained more than 1,000 observers worldwide. In addition, StormGeo is CAP 746 certified for the provision of onshore aerodrome observer training. Contact us for additional information.