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Understand weather effects on offshore operations      

The importance of good offshore weather forecasts

Offshore operations depend on an accurate understanding of the ocean environment. Winds and waves can wreak havoc on equipment and personnel, but with good forecasting you can plan ahead, take advantages of "weather windows" and take measures when the elements are acting up.

StormGeo has decades of experience with clients who depend on accurate weather data to make decisions like:

  • Should we deploy our equipment or not?
  • What is the most cost efficient route to our destination?
  • How much time is needed to prepare for upcoming weather risks?
  • How do we staff up/down to maximize operational efficiency?
  • Should we continue operations or get the heck outta here?

Offshore forecasts = Big Data

A true "Big Data" approach is needed to understand and predict how offshore conditions might affect operations. StormGeo combines artificial intelligence (AI) with human interaction to achieve the deep learning needed to truly understand weather patterns. Our offshore weather services are truly leading edge.

We follow and utilize the most sophisticated methods available to provide solid offshore weather forecasts. This includes fine scale atmospheric and wave modelling, the most advanced worldwide weather models and currents data.

offshore weather forecast

Product development

StormGeo continuously makes significant investments in product development while quickly adapting to meet our clients’ special requests. A primary focus has been to turn scientific findings into useful operational solutions.

We understand that the Oil & Gas and Offshore Wind industries depend on accurate understanding of the ocean environment. We provide comprehensive and customized offshore weather forecasts and monitoring packages, along with expert support to ensure safety, increase efficiency and minimize environmental impact at every stage of an offshore project.


Without proper training no tool will be of any help.

StormGeo is a CAP 437 certified training company for offshore observers. We lead the industry in offshore observer training, having trained more than 1,000 observers worldwide. In addition, StormGeo is CAP 746 certified for the provision of onshore aerodrome observer training.

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