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Advanced Analytics & Weather Support  

Adverse weather events – such as large waves and swells, high winds, and flooding – can bring dredging project schedules to a screeching halt, injure workers, and damage or destroy expensive assets and equipment, resulting in critical financial losses.

StormGeo helps dredging companies prepare for and minimize the effects of weather through advanced analytics, timely and site-specific weather impact information, and actionable guidance in order to protect people, property, and projects.

For example, if we forecast high winds in your project area that could prevent your team from working, you might consider doubling up on work the day prior to avoid unnecessary downtime during these adverse weather events.

Beyond the everyday weather interruptions, dredging is also prone to intense tropical storms that can have catastrophic effects on projects, even shut them down completely.

StormGeo’s advanced precision and accuracy in hurricane forecasting allows companies to react far quicker and potentially save an entire dredging project.

In addition, StormGeo can use historical and climatological parameters to provide a report on completed work if a project’s efficiency is ever called to question; furthermore, these data points can also be used for future project bidding, planning, and engineering.

Partnering with StormGeo allows dredging companies to work smarter, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively through reduced project interruptions and downtime, better hurricane forecasting, and advanced reporting and analysis.

Less wasted time means more money. Work with the best in weather and contact us today about a free trial of service.

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