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OceanWatch - Monitoring and forecasting of ocean currents

Real-time, site-specific monitoring and forecasting of ocean conditions    

StormGeo’s OceanWatch system supports the offshore operations of oil and gas companies as well as renewable energy companies that need to understand how ocean conditions affect their enterprises.

OceanWatch provides continuous, real-time, site-specific monitoring and forecasting of ocean conditions and currents, along with 24/7 expert assistance and emergency support. Using OceanWatch helps you make knowledge-based decisions to improve safety and control costs while protecting our environment.

Enhance Planning

As the foundation of each unique OceanWatch system, we supply, install and maintain ocean sensors. The sensors, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs), measure water current velocities over a depth range using a technique similar to sonar. We deploy at least one ADCP at each site several months prior to the beginning of a project.

StormGeo processes and analyzes the information, providing you with a distinct overview and understanding of the ocean currents and other environmental characteristics of your site. This pre-operation measurement not only enhances planning; it also serves as a basis that improves the accuracy of ongoing ocean current forecasts.

StormGeo OceanWatch Video

Improve Operational Safety and Reduce Downtime

During operations, OceanWatch’s real-time ocean current monitoring from ADCPs generates charts and graphs of local current predictions, along with other information, and makes it available to you in a customized online format that can be accessed from anywhere.

With unlimited online access to these comprehensive reports of your sites’ physical environments, as well as constant input and support from StormGeo’s forecasters, you can easily review and share OceanWatch information with both offshore and onshore partners. When needed you can even share information with government authorities, whether to demonstrate compliance with regulations or to gain assistance in emergency circumstances.

OceanWatch enables your entire team to make immediate assessments of present conditions and informed decisions during critical operations. With OceanWatch, you know when workers can safely perform their functions and how long you need to suspend operations during unfavorable conditions.

Reduce Risks of Environmental Impact


OceanWatch helps you ensure that you have taken all possible environmental concerns into account, not only in offshore sub-sea areas, but also near-shore, where sensitive ecosystems and recreational areas may demand additional consideration.

OceanWatch Add-Ons Available

Ocean watch web

OceanWatch is available to MetOcean customers as a standard package, or with SpillWatch, CoralWatch and IceWatch add-ons, tailored for specific environments.

Spill watch web

SpillWatch uses highly reliable models, simulation tools and sensors to track and predict the dispersion and effects of accidental oil spills. The oil spill trajectory model is developed in cooperation with SINTEF and based on the OSCAR model. Users can choose between different scenarios based on oil type, surface or subsea blow out at different rates.

Coral watch web

CoralWatch helps avoid adverse environmental impact in sensitive areas such as coral reefs, monitoring drilling cuttings and produced water discharge to contain their impact. This solution helps determine when discharges are acceptable based on the direction of the current to safeguard that cuttings are released in acceptable sectors/areas.

Ice watch web

IceWatch monitors metocean conditions in the Arctic environment to support safe operations and reduce downtime where risk factors include sea ice and iceberg drift. StormGeo can provide integration of high-resolution SAR imagery, sea ice analysis and prediction, iceberg tracking, seasonal ice freeze-up and break-up predictions.