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Response Forecasting

Bringing you stable connections in a moving environment

The operation of floating units offshore is greatly affected by weather-influenced motions. StormGeo has combined state-of-the-art technologies from meteorology and hydrodynamics to forecast these motions and provide decision support to customers operating offshore floating units, enabling them to increase uptime and safeguard operations.

Flotel and Gangway Continuous Decision Support

When operating offshore, crews need to be able to rely on their connection to the flotel. StormGeo offers Flotel and Gangway Continuous Decision Support to increase availability of the gangway connection from the platform to the flotel and avoid situations where crew changes cannot occur as scheduled.

The system uses StormGeo’s high-quality weather information in combination with advanced rig dynamics modeling (from Deep Sea Mooring) to simulate and forecast the relative movements of the flotel, gangway and attached platform. It simulates multiple headings in a predefined sector, allowing for easy planning of optimal positioning of the flotel to ensure maximum availability.

In situations where a disconnect cannot be avoided, the system allows users to plan and schedule the disconnect according to procedures. We help customers achieve a controlled disconnection in calm weather rather than disconnecting in high seas or, in the worst case, experiencing an auto-disconnect.

Response Forecasting video.

Helideck Motion Forecasts

Cancelled or missed helicopter landings due to uncertain helideck conditions are costly and affect work progress. Offshore operators need to know whether a helicopter can land or not, based on clear picture of helideck motions. StormGeo’s Helideck Motion Forecasts predict the helideck’s heave, pitch and roll movements, then give the appropriate green, red or yellow light to support planning a more optimal helicopter schedule.

All information is available in a customizable online portal for both onshore and offshore users, supported by a team of specialists at StormGeo, available 24/7, year round. We help you make knowledge-based decisions, increase your HSE performance and ensure cost-effective operations.