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Routing & Rig Moves

Dynamic vessel behavior monitoring for overall operational efficiency

Each unique vessel responds differently when operated in waves and other ocean conditions. StormGeo’s Routing & Rig Move services use ship specific models and optional high-resolution motion sensors to monitor and predict unintentional or potentially detrimental vessel movements, and provide guidance on how to avoid or correct such movements. The Routing & Rig Moves software model, incorporates the expertise of master naval architects, monitors total vessel dynamics, including rigid body motions, accelerations, effective heel, hull girder loads and dynamic stability phenomena, such as parametric rolling.

When combined with StormGeo’s best-in-class weather and ocean data, our Routing & Rig Moves services give customers a detailed, accurate, real-time picture of how the weather will affect a vessel’s performance. This information can be particularly useful in identifying weather windows for specific offshore operations or to optimize routes. With the solution installed you can also document the performance of the vessel over time.