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Hurricane weather monitoring and risk analysis. 

Among weather forecasting challenges, hurricanes and tropical cyclones stand out as some of the most difficult. Conventional weather forecasting models do not capture and compute the data necessary to accurately predict hurricane and cyclone activity, yet these storms pose some of the greatest threats to our customers’ offshore operations. In response, StormGeo has developed proprietary models that provide our customers with interactive hurricane monitoring and tracking capabilities for day-to-day use.

Our TropicsWatch services empower our customers to visualize and better understand the overall risk of impact from a hurricane or tropical storm to any operating location. With this information, we can help our customers take steps to reduce risk. At StormGeo we also support you with a 24/7 TropicsWatch team of meteorologists.

Our full-featured tropical weather monitoring and risk analysis services include:

  • Color-coded, five-day weather threat assessment 
  • Daily video briefing from a tropical meteorologist familiar with the local region 
  • Complete overview basin forecasts, storm-specific forecasts and site-specific forecasts 
  • Automatic email alerts for new storm systems or changes to existing systems 
  • Full location risk analysis summary, with arrival time and probability of occurrence of key wind fields and worst-case scenarios 
  • Interactive, shareable graphical displays of storm components along with analytical charts and maps