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Alert & Monitoring Services

Mitigate risks with timely weather reports

StormGeo's dedicated team of meteorologists has one goal: to provide the most accurate weather forecasting support to our clients, enabling them to protect their people, their assets and their bottom line.

Our data is analyzed to a far more detailed level than the information that is accessible through publicly available websites and smartphone applications. With these tools, we issue site-specific forecasts around the clock for all corners of the globe.

Our clients will tell you that our weather support services helped them to avoid closing early when they did not have to, to plan ahead for power outages and to be proactive about potential supply chain disruptions.

As a result, they are empowered to minimize downtime and maximize productivity, avoid catastrophic risks and internal weather-watching confusion, reduce legal liability, and most importantly, protect their brand and their people.

StormGeo's services include a suite of alerts, advisories and indices that clients can customize to fit their unique weather-related business threats. 

Alerting Services

Trigger Reports (customized to your response plan)
Severe Weather
Critical Temperature
Lightning, Earthquake, & Wildfire Proximity

Monitoring Services

Business Decision Guidance Dashboard
24/7/365 Support
Response Plan Activator


Alert Service Details

Trigger Reports - Custom time-phased alerts that combine the arrival of a tropical or freeze threat with a company’s severe weather response plan.

Severe Weather Phased Alerts - Depending on the severity and immediacy of the weather threat, as well as the level of confidence that the threat will directly impact your area, one of four specific color-coded alerts will be sent to you in the delivery method of your choice.

Critical Flood Alerts - Based on a location’s historical flood hazards, hydrology factors and topographic characteristics, the Critical Flood Alerts include monthly outlooks and short term forecasts to give businesses a heads up when faced with extreme flooding conditions.

Critical Temperature Advisories - Critical Temperature Advisories forecast extreme (hot or cold) weather conditions to provide early warnings of challenging or dangerous temperatures to protect your workers and equipment, and maintain business continuity.

Hurricane Severity Index - Based on a numeric scale developed by StormGeo, the Hurricane Severity Index measures both the intensity of a cyclone’s winds as well as the size of the wind field. 

Lightning Proximity Alerts - Lightning Proximity Alerts are a notification system that monitors near “real-time” data feed to notify you when lightning poses a dangerous threat to your personnel or operations.

Earthquake Proximity Alerts - The Earthquake Proximity Alert is a notification system that will alert your company’s emergency response staff when locations and assets are threatened by an earthquake event of a certain magnitude and proximity as specified by your team.

Wildfire Proximity Alerts - The Wildfire Proximity Alert is a notification system that will alert your company when extreme weather conditions pose a significant wildfire threat to your locations.


Monitoring Service Details

Business Decision Guidance Dashboard - The proprietary Business Decision Guidance Dashboard provides a central operating view of all your assets and locations, as well as their current weather threats and conditions.

24/7/365 Meteorologist Support - Our team of expert forecasters are available on-demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions, clarify reports, and help you make the best business decision in every situation.

Response Plan Activator - StormGeo’s Response Plan Activator acts as the initial alert or trigger for clients to activate their hurricane or severe weather response plan.

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