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America's Claims Event

June 2022, 2017

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Prevent & Reduce Claims

StormGeo’s tailored 24-hour severe weather alerting for policy holders minimizes damage, reduces claims and enhances customer experience. This innovative solution correlates the geo-coordinates of Policies-In-Force with polygons of weather risk.

Our weather experts then advise optimal alerting thresholds to capture critical weather while minimizing false alarms. The result is an advanced alerting engine, ensuring only those policy holders at risk are pinpointed, forewarned and claims prevented.

Manage Claims Efficiently

Extend the forecast beyond 24-hours to strategically pre-allocate of resource ahead of a severe weather. This ensures efficient claims management in the immediate aftermath

Verify Weather-Related Claims

Verification of weather-related claims can be accomplished efficiently with StormGeo’s ‘ground truth’ solutions.

From hail and tornadoes to flooding and hurricanes, StormGeo continually archives petabytes of weather data from around the globe allowing insurers to optimize their claims management.

Colliding StormGeo’s past weather data with insurer’s policy data helps verify claims.

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Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Charlotte, NC
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