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Effective weather management for healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare organizations require the most accurate information possible for their Emergency Disaster Preparations and Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, vital for CMS Accreditation.

StormGeo has a long track-record of supporting healthcare organizations, allowing us to develop tailored weather solutions for maximum effectiveness. Our customized weather analytics safeguard people and assets as well as insure optimal use of hospital personnel and resources. Use of StormGeo’s advanced weather analytics enables hospitals to effectively communicate and coordinate with emergency services to insure optimal use of hospital staff and resources.

Benefits include:

  • Better Emergency Disaster Preparedness Planning - StormGeo provides the data necessary for a response plan aligned with your Emergency Disaster Preparedness Plan and Hazard Vulnerability.
  • Customized Analysis - Based on your risk profile, we create detailed alerts for hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, flooding, and wind damage, based on your emergency criteria.
  • Weather warnings - We assist you with Emergency Preparation Planning, ranging from communications, energy backups, and up-to-the-minute information from 24/7/365 access to a live meteorologist; for your ‘war room’ as you manage the crisis. This becomes an integral part of your Emergency Disaster Planning, allowing you to manage the circumstances of the event, such as increased patient/ER traffic, staff travel, or the need to evacuate patients and staff.
  • Smarter business continuity planning - StormGeo’s early weather warnings allow you protect lives and facilities. We ensure you understand when to trigger Emergency Disaster action plans and safely evacuate before your facility is threatened.
  • Reschedule daily operations - Our long-range weather forecasts empower hospitals to maximize the use of medical resources and plan operations around disruptive weather events. The resulting efficiency gains have proven to increase profitability and patient satisfaction.
  • Anticipate fluctuations of in-patient admissions - Patient volumes increase during severe weather events. StormGeo’s weather forecasting allows hospitals to plan for patient demand spikes and adjust staff schedules, medical consumables and even food supplies, ahead of demand.
  • Better CMS Compliance - Your organization’s CMS Accreditation has a Hazard Vulnerability and Emergency Disaster Preparedness component. Having StormGeo as part of your hazard and emergency planning process can improve your compliance to CMS requirements.

Predict healthcare demand with advanced weather analytics

StormGeo uncovers weather-driven patient fluctuations through DeepStorm™, our advanced analytics platform.

Using your historical data, this machine learning environment correlates your historical patient admittance data to StormGeo’s weather archives, resulting in a predictive analytic to forecast future weather-driven patient numbers and the effect of your staff’s ability to reach your hospital.

Similar analytics are calculated for weather-related health outbreaks and demand for specific treatments and medicines.


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