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Hurricane Resources

Everything you need to prepare for hurricane season

StormGeo provides a variety of tools, resources, and services that can help mitigate the effects of potentially devastating tropical storms and hurricanes.

TropicsWatch: Tropical Storm Solution

Our TropicsWatch services allow our customers to monitor hurricane activity real-time through an interactive, site-specific portal with daily video briefings and automatic alerts.

With unique features such as our Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), our suite of timeline tools and of course our dedicated team of tropical meteorologists on duty 24/7, you can reduce risk and increase operational efficiency.

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27th Annual Hurricane Seminar Video Series*

In this series of educational videos, you'll gain an understanding of how and why hurricanes form, a brief history of past storms, how to build a bullet-proof emergency plan, the future of forecasting, and employee preparedness tactics:

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  • Hurricanes 101
  • Building A Better Plan
  • Personal Preparedness
  • Forecasting the Future

*Note - This educational video series will take place of the Annual Hurricane Seminar for the 2016 season.

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Hurricane Preparedness Solutions

  • Employee Hurricane Preparedness Presentations
    On-site or virtual training for employees that includes home preparation, emergency checklist overviews, and recovery efforts.

  • Hurricane Drills
    StormGeo’s hurricane experts can design a drill to help your organization prepare for and respond to an impending tropical threat, while testing your existing emergency plan.

  • Executive Hurricane Briefings
    Educational hurricane briefings and tropical seasonal outlooks delivered to upper management and executive leadership. This  presentation also includes a live outlook for the season.

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