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Weather can have a catastrophic effect on the claims and underwriting experience. That's why we built a solution just for insurance that helps:

  • Prevent Claims
    Unlock projected losses 7+ days in advance through advanced analytics and machine learning coupled with your historical data

  • Reduce Risk Exposure
    Enhance decision making by combining your Policy in Force (PIF) data with our unique weather catastrophe layers to showcase risks as they happen

  • Enhance Catastrophe Operations
    Strategically reallocate CAT resources before the storm using StormGeo’s unique modeling of expected property damage

  • Increase Underwriting Value
    Maximize new policy revenue through more accurate pricing with StormGeo's statistically stable weather analytics

  • Improve Claims Management
    Make better decisions with ground truth weather data and historical archives to know exactly where, when, and how property damage occurred.

Using proprietary data gathering, ensemble models, and expert in-house meteorological talent, we derive reliable, accurate data from which to help guide the insurance process.


With five Operations Centers monitoring the globe 24/7/365, StormGeo meteorologists create 0-10 day outlooks for all the weather events that will impact the roads.

Stay days ahead of the weather with easy to read outlooks that can enhance your route planning. StormWatch includes outlooks for a variety of weather sensitivities including severe weather, flooding, winter storms, blizzards, and high wind events.


Our TropicsWatch team specializes in tropical storm forecasting for the entire planet. With many unique products like our Threaten Regions of Active Cyclones (TRAC), and the Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), we keep you ahead of all major tropical threats.

Our team issues its own storm track guidance earlier than governmental forecasts as well as for extended storm tracks. Please see our complete line of Tropical Storm products for details.

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