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Weather solutions to optimize retail operations

Some of the largest global retailers rely on StormGeo to manage their weather risk. These risks can be considerable and complex, which has led us to develop a range of customized solutions.

  • Predict demand, manage inventory – Take advantage of weather-driven consumption using StormGeo’s long-range forecasting capabilities. Our extended weather outlooks allow retailers to maximize sales by ensuring they have the right stock, in the right aisles, at the right time.
  • Fulfill delivery promises from online stores – Rapidly growing online shopping is driving retailers to offer quicker delivery schedules, often with ‘next day delivery’. StormGeo flags potential weather impacts on deliveries to produce zip-code delivery risk. Our forecast delivery delays are integrated into merchant’s websites to ensure no unrealistic delivery commitments are made and consumer experience is maintained.
  • Minimize supply change disruption – Early identification of weather risk in your supply chain is now possible using StormGeo’s weather vulnerability analysis. We can pinpoint specific weather threats, along specific routes, at specific times. This empowers our customers to proactively plan and pre-stock ahead of severe weather disruption.
  • Last to close, first to open – Using StormGeo’s highly accurate alerting, retailers can go on serving communities and still shut down safely before the storm. Consumers naturally stock up on last minute supplies ahead of the weather and value a well-informed store. By taking advantage of our ‘all clear’ signal, retailers can rapidly re-open with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the weather threat has passed.

Targeted retail strategies driven by predictive analytics

Trust StormGeo to drive your retail decisions through DeepStorm, our advanced analytics platform. Our data scientists partner with retailers to develop true cognitive business actions. We rely on our machine learning environment to correlate our weather archives with retail data on consumer patterns and behavior. DeepStorm is tuned to uncover complex relationships in these datasets that result in a set of predictive retail analytics, empowering our customers to maximize selling opportunities.


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