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Reduce weather impacts on industry

StormGeo’s manufacturing solutions sit at the operational heart of production to monitor and forecast weather risk affecting supply chains, facilities, transportation and distribution.

  • Emergency shutdowns – Closely manage expensive downtime using StormGeo’s hurricane forecasts, local tornado alerts and site-specific lightning monitoring. With accurate forecasting, we ensure you avoid the unnecessary shutdowns, whilst reacting to genuine threats.
  • Maintain business continuity – StormGeo weather experts work closely with your business continuity teams to match our weather alerts against your internal response plans. When a severe weather threat occurs, our accurate alerting swiftly triggers your actions to minimize risk to people, property and profits.
  • Reduce ‘just-in-time’ disruption – Trust StormGeo to accurately identify severe weather threats in your supply chain. We watch over your logistic supply routes and facilities 24/7 to accurately forecast weather impacts over the coming weeks, giving you sufficient time to reroute and set up your contingency plan.
  • Maximize productivity – Take advantage of our ‘all clear’ signal, which ensures manufacturers can rapidly re-open production with confidence, safe in the knowledge that the weather threat has passed.

Uncover manufacturing vulnerabilities with advanced weather analytics

StormGeo detects manufacturers’ weather vulnerabilities through DeepStorm, our advanced analytics platform. This machine learning environment connects our weather archives with your industrial production data to uncover inherent patterns showing precisely how weather affects your supply chain, productivity and inventory levels. The resulting predictive analytics improve efficiency in these areas and elevate manufacturing decision-making to new levels.

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