• Chris Hebert

Employee Viewpoint

Chris Hebert is TropicsWatch Manager at StormGeo

Even after 33 years in weather forecasting, Chris can still say that no day is typical. This is especially true in his current role as manager of the StormGeo TropicsWatch team in Houston.

Chris is responsible for keeping clients safe from the destruction of tropical cyclones. He and his team track the weather and identify potential threats worldwide so that clients can take appropriate actions in time to protect lives and property. When he’s not forecasting and tracking hurricanes and cyclones year-round, Chris also gives hurricane preparedness talks and works on developing new tools to assist in his forecasting specialties.

In winter, Chris takes on the additional responsibility of leading StormGeo’s marine fog forecast team, which helps StormGeo’s petrochemical clients prepare for delays in receiving new shipments of oil by predicting long duration fog events.

Chris has been with StormGeo since 2012, when StormGeo acquired his previous employer, ImpactWeather, which itself was a spin-off from Universal Weather, the first weather company Chris joined back in 1981. His extensive experience makes him a great asset to his colleagues and clients.

Chris is one of nearly 400 people in StormGeo's offices worldwide, all dedicated to providing decision support for your weather-sensitive operations.