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Employee Viewpoint

Mike Venske is Client Services Manager at StormGeo

Mike has been part of StormGeo since 2012, when the company acquired ImpactWeather, which he had joined in 2007. As the manager of client services for StormGeo’s Houston office, Mike has found that no two days are the same—the subtle intricacies of weather forecasting and translating weather threats into business interruption ramifications are always changing.

In his service to StormGeo’s client base, Mike communicates business-critical information with an energy drawn from his lifelong love of weather. He especially values the occasions where he is able to provide additional information and educate clients about weather events and data.

Mike’s dedication to client service has taken him to extreme locations. While assessing pipeline crossing points along frozen rivers in Montana one December, he found that his pen could not keep up with him—the ink froze as he was taking notes. On the opposite extreme, Mike hiked two miles in 95-degree heat (95º Farenheit/35º Celsius) through northeast Texas cornfields to reach a client’s critical asset, bending the towering cornstalks along the way to mark an easy path back.

Mike is one of nearly 400 people in StormGeo's offices worldwide, all dedicated to providing decision support for your weather-sensitive operations.