• Houston Flood

Houston Chronicle Cites StormGeo for Business Continuity

Disasters can befall any business. Flooding, ice and tornadoes are the usual suspects, but it can be as simple as a truck hitting a utility line that can plunge your business into darkness – an everyday occurrence that can take you to the edge of sanity and your business to the edge of livability.

However, a disaster doesn’t have to mean the end. In fact, the steps you take in the days and months before your disaster will determine what becomes of your business once the power is restored or the flood waters recede.

In Houston, with rain over the curbs, many drainage systems failing to keep up and more rain in the forecast, business continuity plans already in place were put to the test.

Those companies who planned well were able to make the historic flood sound like a non-event, while others were unable to share that same enthusiasm as they wondered if the worst was still yet to come.

The Houston Chronicle recently reached out to StormGeo’s Senior Business Continuity Manager, Ed Schlichtenmyer, for a status report on how our company managed during the flood.

The article also covers some of the steps we’ve taken to mitigate risk, continue supporting our clients and maintain communications with our employees when faced with looming disaster.

Read the full article here.

For more on how we could help you with risk management needs before, during, and after severe weather events, visit our business continuity page.