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Advanced Onshore Solutions

When you combine your business critical data with our accurate forecasting, team of expert meteorologists, and advanced analytics solutions, you're able to run a safer, more profitable business.

  • Business Continuity | Comprehensive business continuity packages include a full weather-related risk assessment, strategic road-map, documented action plan, and ongoing maintenance services

  • Forecasting, Alerting, & Monitoring | After determining your company's weather sensitivities, choose the suite of forecasting solutions that makes sense for your business needs

  • Hurricane Resources | Mitigate the effects of potentially devastating tropical storms and hurricanes using tools such as our proprietary Hurricane Severity Index

  • Road Weather Logistics | Road Hazard Alerts identify road weather hazards and risks, then generate map-based and audio alerts to help drivers and dispatchers choose the safest way to go

  • Claims Management | Combining critical insurance data with StormGeo's weather forecasting data, insurance companies can help to prevent claims, reduce risk exposure, and increase underwriting value