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ForeSight: Long-Range Weather Forecasting

Strategic meteorological intelligence  

Standard forecasting is an excellent resource when preparing for severe weather or mitigating risk on a short-term basis. However, there are some business decisions that cannot be made with a 10-day forecast.

Long range weather forecast - long range weather prediction

Using complex data sets, weather models, and the expertise of in-house meteorologists to look farther into the future, StormGeo’s ForeSight provides actionable weather insights by forecasting long-range global temperature and precipitation anomalies. 

ForeSight 30

This long range weather forecast updated 3x per week allows traders, project managers, and anyone looking to hedge risk on a longer timeline to make strategic, informed business decisions based on information up to 30 days in the future.

Service includes:

  • Forecast of temperature and precipitation anomalies across the globe
  • On-demand video updates by our senior scientists 3x per week
  • Live access to expert meteorologists via phone, email, and web conference
  • Access to information through StormGeo’s unique customer portal

ForeSight 90

This quarterly outlook provides a long-range weather forecast in a 90-day format. StormGeo uses thorough global tele-connections and in-house developed forecast indicies to provide market intelligence for expected weather conditions for the next 90 days.

Seasonal Outlooks

Whether its hurricanes, snow storms, severe weather, or other seasonally focused sensitivities – our meteorologists are able to provide long-range weather forecasting to help you prepare for and make decisions now that will affect the future.

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