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Business Continuity

Reduce Risk & Boost Productivity with ImpactReady Solutions

According to Forrester Research*, weather is the leading cause of business disruptions, yet many companies either lack a severe weather response plan or it is so outdated that it fails to address the current needs of the company.

As the number of extreme weather events continues to rise worldwide, business continuity plans continue to be a critical part of the risk mitigation equation.

StormGeo's ImpactReady services provide a comprehensive business continuity package including a full weather-related risk assessment, strategic road-map, documented action plan, and ongoing maintenance services.

Vulnerability Assessments

Some weather risks are an obvious threat (such as hurricanes for coastal locations); however, many organizations are missing out on opportunities to increase safety, reduce risk and increase operational efficiency by considering other possible weather threats.

StormGeo's vulnerability assessment allows organizations to not only see their total exposure to weather-related risks, but also provides a clear, actionable plan for how to both prepare for and capitalize on each sensitivity.

Business Continuity Services

In concert with our state-of-the-art weather department services and risk assessment tools, StormGeo offers support and consulting assistance to improve your company’s disaster response plans.

Our experienced team of business continuity and risk mitigation experts can assist you and your employees with the following business continuity & response plan services:

  • Creating a comprehensive response plan
  • Modifying and optimizing your existing plan
  • Training new and existing employees on plan tactics
  • Testing your plan through various drills
  • Maintaining & updating your plan

Readiness Programs & Presentations

  • Employee Personal Preparedness - StormGeo offers employee education and preparedness training for winter weather and hurricane season, including preseason home preparation, evacuation and ride-out checklists, and post storm recovery efforts.

  • Hurricane Drills - StormGeo’s hurricane experts can design a drill to help your organization prepare for and respond to an impending tropical threat.

  • Executive Hurricane Briefings - Educational hurricane briefings and tropical seasonal outlooks delivered to upper management and executive leadership

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 *Disaster Recovery Journal Business Continuity Preparedness Survey, 2011.