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Weather solutions for transportation management

Our industry-leading Fleet Weather System allows customers to track their trucks and ships in real-time and rapidly understand weather impacts. Using our proprietary operational tools, customers can calculate weather impedance and weather route delays, as well as refine ETA prediction for commercial trucks and ships. Solutions can be utilized as part of our Fleet Weather System or consumed through APIs into customers’ existing platforms.

  • Reduce costs – StormGeo’s logistics solution doesn't just forecast the weather, it also forecasts the state of the road, right down to snow, ice or flooding impacting a road network. This empowers trucks to choose an optimal route, which is proven to improve time and fuel efficiency. Similar efficiencies are attained through StormGeo’s solutions for vessels at sea.
  • Provide better ETAs – Minimize delay penalties on late deliveries by trucks and ships by integrating StormGeo’s weather impedance calculators into your routing schedules. Today, thousands of customers are improving their forecast arrival times by allowing us to mitigate the weather component of routing delays.
  • Reduce fleet risk – Reroute around severe weather by taking advantage of advanced alerting and specific routing advisories from StormGeo’s network of 24/7 weather centers. The resulting efficiencies reduce risk to trucks, ships, cargo and people.

Road Solution

  • Drivers identify and manage transportation weather risk at a touch of a button with our easy-to-use platform.
  • Road hazard alerts identify road weather risks, then generate map-based and audio alerts to help drivers and dispatchers choose the safest route.
  • Know the predicted “state of the road” before you get moving, with street-level detail of local road conditions showing where roads are impacted by weather.


Mobile App

  • Take us on the road! Our mobile app can be customized to your brand with flexible deployment options that include both iOS and Android Smart Phones.
  • Receive real-time road hazard alerts for the conditions that mean the most to drivers such as hydroplaning, low visibility and high winds.
  • Dynamic routing allows you to incorporate delay risk to your route and quickly choose the routes that can save time and money.
  • Driver compliant solutions are standard with audio alerts and one button touch access.
  • Get real-time reporting of all locations back to operations and dispatch centers, fed directly into your fleet management software.


Ocean Solution

StormGeo is the number one commercial ship router in the world, actively routing over 6000 vessels monthly. Our customers receive live route advisories instructing Masters on their optimal sea route, accurate ETAs, and vessel performance monitoring.

Predict price fluctuations in freight contracts

DeepStorm, our advanced analytics platform, is now able to predict weather-driven commercial transportation prices on the spot market. Our machine learning capability, which is structured to uncover complex relationships between our weather archives and historical truck pricing data, produces predictive analytics. These forecast your future freight price exposure, allowing you to buy contracts when the price is favorable.

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