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Severe weather-related conditions—such as power failures, flooding, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, heat, humidity and blizzards—can undermine or derail petrochemical plant operations. Plus, each facility faces unique business challenges and safety requirements based on the chemicals produced and surrounding environment. Companies must maintain business continuity while protecting their employees and business assets. StormGeo Onshore solutions deliver advanced decision-support to help petrochemical and refinery companies make sound decisions in the face of weather-related threats. We provide:

  • Site-specific, 24/7 global weather monitoring and alerting
  • Forecasts and alerts for blizzards, flooding, tornadoes, fog and wind
  • Severe thunderstorm and lightning monitoring
  • Tropical outlooks
  • Critical temperature advisories to protect product and chemicals
  • Business continuity planning and reports
  • Employee resiliency solutions and training

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