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Keep ahead of weather-related outages

StormGeo’s weather solutions are tailored for every aspect of the telecom industry, from GIS weather outage layers for national operation centers, down to mobile app solutions for field engineers. Our deep collaboration with telecom leaders has resulted in industry-specific products and an in-depth knowledge of the risks faced.

  • Advanced planning – StormGeo’s long-term forecasts and short-term severe weather alerts are disseminated from our global network of 24/7 weather centers. Telecom engineers speak directly with our forecasters, building close partnerships to ensure our customers are aware of the risks and what actions to trigger in their own response plans. Our weather analysts work directly with telecom planners to set meaningful ‘risk and action’ thresholds, empowering you to make the right decisions in the face of fast-moving threats.
  • Optimize asset deployment – Severe weather will rarely hit all areas with equal intensity. Our customers pre-position engineering crews in StormGeo’s identified areas of maximum forecast damage, ahead of the weather. This both ensures an efficient use of engineering resources and minimizes downtime.
  • Early mobilization of restoration crews – StormGeo’s ‘all clear’ signal is alerted on a hyper-localized level, allowing telecom companies to make an immediate decision to commence restoration on a location-by-location basis, safe in the knowledge that the threat has passed.

Asset damage prediction with advanced weather analytics

Traditional weather data predicts the weather. DeepStorm, our advanced analytics platform, is now able to predict outages and model future damage to your assets. This machine learning environment uncovers complex relationships between our weather archives and your historical damage and outage data to produce predictive analytics for forecasting your future risk. Outage maps extending out to the next 30 days are now possible, allowing for a more cognitive approach to planning.


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