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Nena Long Term Analysis

Nordic Power Market Outlook 

The report gives you scenario-based analysis with updated price prognosis for all Nordic price areas on annual resolution.

Key Features Spring 2017: 

  • Persistent strong growth in renewable power and muted consumption growth will induce a Nordic production surplus until nuclear power are closed down beyond 2040

  • Uncertainty about the future of Swedish nuclear power has arisen as the investment decision about mid-life upgrade for Ringhals 3 and 4 has been postponed, with potential significant power price impact

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StormGeo Nena Analysis Nordic Power Market

Electricity Certificates Outlook

Elcert prices have plunged to all-time lows. Is this temporary, or will prices stay low for a long time? 

Key Features Spring 2017: 

  • The governments are likely to confirm the 18 TWh market-expansion during spring 2017. How will the suggested quota curve affect prices and investments?

  • Hundreds of renewable projects in Sweden and Norway are pending investment decision. Which investors will be able to invest, and which will be forced to cancel or postpone their projects? We provide an updated overview of all projects part of the optimal solution to the goal

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StormGeo Nena Analysis El certificates outlook