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Energy Trading with weather data

Using weather information tools to support profitable power trading

Buying and selling power has become a billion-dollar industry with up-to-the-minute turnarounds, just like trading stock, currency, oil and gas or any other commodity. The price of power depends on power production and consumption, both of which are affected by weather.

A superior understanding of weather data can provide you with a critical advantage in energy trading. StormGeo gives power trading companies that edge with:

  • A hands-on weather consultancy, interpreting real-time weather data
  • Fast, easy-to-use webpages that allow you to explore any price-driven weather data
  • Advanced options for trained in-house meteorologists at energy companies, using the same weather data interface tools as those at leading national forecasting centers
  • Weather data by ftp, from any model
  • Power indices for price areas, with totals
  • Statistically modeled forecast of the forecast (precast)—what will the weather data look like in a certain number of hours?

Nena, a leading analysis house that was recently acquired by StormGeo, provides price prognoses and fundamental market analysis to power trading entities. Click here for more information on Nena analysis and reports.