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Energy & Utilities

Protect your assets with GridWatch weather forecasting solutions 

Energy and utility companies need to provide their customers continuous power, both to serve their customers and to maintain their own reputations and returns.

Knowing that a power outage has a lasting impact on businesses and communities, energy and utility companies look to protect their grids by making proper preparations and responses to extreme weather events a priority.

They need accurate weather forecasts to plan for outages, marshal the appropriate response resources, and keep customers and employees safe.

StormGeo supports energy and utility companies by delivering reliable forecasts and continuous, round-the-clock access to a team of expert meteorologists for additional decision assistance.

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Our GridWatch service includes:

  • 24/7 access to meteorologists
  • A Business Decision Guidance (BDG) dashboard that monitors the latest weather forecasts and modeling data and provides a hourly updated visual assessment of the coming week’s Weather-related Outage Risk Index (WORI), a proprietary risk model fine-tuned for your grid
  • Site-specific weather forecasting that provides advanced threat identification up to 10 days in advance, plus tailored real-time alerting based on location and critical thresholds
  • Detailed ice and snow accretion maps for winter storm systems, including impact forecasts for your grid
  • Proprietary, high-resolution thunderstorm severity index modeling and forecasting to support critical crew-change decisions
  • Advanced lightning modeling that increases the alert lead time for the most powerful thunderstorms and tornados by an average of 50 percent
  • Hurricane forecasting, including the Hurricane Severity Index (HSI), a proprietary timeline tools that calculates the total kinetic energy of a storm for damage modeling
  • Critical temperature and high wind advisories
  • Specialized transmission line contamination and arcing modeling from bird droppings and salt accretion
  • Transmission line thermal-rating monitoring data to help achieve maximum transmission while mitigating the risks of damage from sagging lines