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Fleet Performance Services

Advanced Fleet Analytics

StormGeo partnered with clients to design our new Fleet Decision Support System, developing four levels of FleetDSS. Our service offerings allow for owners and owner operators alike to analyze and manage their fleets.  Advanced analytic data includes vessel position, fuel consumption, and performance in relation to weather forecasts and conditions. StormGeo's systems use a common platform of weather and ocean currents giving you the ability to accurately measure performance and KPI's for your entire fleet. 

StormGeo's Fleet Decision Support System is a continuous performance monitoring service designed for owners and owner operators alike. Through the incorporation of high resolution weather data and individual vessel performance data both at sea and in port, FleetDSS provides accurate monitoring of a vessel’s technical and charter performance. 

Discover how StormGeo can help you save fuel, time and money with advanced ship performance data and smart vessel routing.