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Fleet Performance FleetDSS

Fleet Decision Support tools at your fingertips

StormGeo addressed the market when we designed our new Fleet Decision Support System. Partnering with our clients, we utilized key feedback to develop four levels of FleetDSS to provide a tailor-made solution to meet our client’s needs.

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The basic version provides a map and alarm dashboard. Intended for BVS users that wish to display a BVS track or for clients utilizing StormGeo AIS tracking services that only wish to view the current AIS track of the vessel or view historical tracks

FleetDSS – MRV

This level was created in response to the European Union regulations that ships accurately measure their CO2 output. The EU has the goal of reducing CO2 by 40% over 1990 levels and this is one tool they are using to achieve that. Fleet DSS – MRV provides a tool to help create monitoring plans, view leg-by-leg voyage reports as well as annual emissions reports. In addition, the required reports can be sent directly to the verification company of your choice as required. We have included tools to understand fuel consumption as it relates to performance speed giving you insight into your fleet beyond the MRV regulations and it also includes the features of the FleetDSS level as well.

FleetDSS – Performance

This level is intended to help an owner with vessel commercial performance to support/defend claims, view StormGeo End of Voyage Reports and create customized Analysis Reports. We have provided tools that provide details of the current voyage with information such as ETA, consumption and voyage alarms. The Performance level includes the functions of FleetDSS and FleetDSS – MRV.

FleetDSS – Analytics

At the Analytics level, real-time big picture data and reporting compare vessel performance to other vessels, allowing you to make the best decisions possible to improve profitability. At this level of FleetDSS you have all the key metrics for each vessel, at sea and in port data, capability to manage alerts, data, thresholds and benchmarks to proactively manage fuel efficiency and vessel performance. This level includes all of the features of the system from the previous three levels, including more advanced graphing and KPI features.

 Other StormGeo Services include Ship Routing and Speed + Consumption Analysis Reports