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Storm Releases Fleet
Decision Support System 2.0

StormGeo Shipping Insights, November 2013
By Richard Brown, Vice President of Products and Systems

StormGeo is very excited to announce a new release of Fleet Decision Support System (FleetDSS). The first version, announced a year ago, was developed with specific functionality for the liner market. FleetDSS 2.0 has now been expanded to meet the needs of all sectors of the shipping industry.

FleetDSS 2.0 is a completely customizable fleet management system that integrates and organizes an abundance of data, making it easily accessible. The product is useful for ship operators, safety teams, chartering departments and ship efficiency personnel. With just a few clicks, operators can find the information they need enabling them to make faster, more informed decisions. Many new features have been added so operators can more efficiently evaluate the performance and safety of their fleet.

New FleetDSS 2.0 Features

Consumption Curve Comparison

A key feature in FleetDSS 2.0 is the ability to evaluate and create consumption curves for various ship types and for specific vessels where there are a statistically valid number of observations available. StormGeo used over 2.5 million observations for this project and is continually updating curves as new observations come in.

awt nov13 fig1

Graph compares the change in a vessel's consumption curve over time, load condition and weather.

Higher Resolution Wind and Current Data

StormGeo has enhanced the data resolution so an operator can better evaluate the weather and current conditions near each vessel in the fleet.

awt nov13 fig2

High-resolution current data off the East Coast of the U.S.

Network Version

FleetDSS 2.0 can now be set up to collect the weather and route data at one central location and all other users can access this data. For clients with many users this will significantly reduce the amount of data being downloaded.

Fleet Performance

The Fleet Summary Chart provides quick and easy access that shows how each vessel is doing compared their specific charter party terms.


Chart displaying the over/under speed and consumption to date and projected for the whole voyage when compared to the charter party terms.

Anonymous Graph

In order to compare the performance of a vessel to thousands of other vessels of the same type, StormGeo created Anonymous Performance Data.

awt nov13 fig4

The red curve is the consumption curve for the vessel type of the selected ship; the yellow symbols show the speed and consumption for the selected vessel on various voyages and the blue dots display the speed and consumption for other vessels of the same type. This is a quick way to evaluate the efficiency of a specific vessel compared to its peers. StormGeo provides this data to give operators an idea of how the vessels in their fleet perform when compared to others of the same type.

ETA Confidence Graph

StormGeo calculates the ETA from 20 different forecast model outputs to determine the likelihood of a vessel making the current projected arrival time. The colored columns indicate the percentage of the ETA outputs making various ETAs. The yellow columns indicate an earlier arrival, red a later arrival and green the same arrival. Fewer columns indicate a high degree of confidence in the forecast and projected ETA, while the confidence deteriorates as the number of columns increases.

awt nov13 fig5

When the confidence level is high a decision could be made sooner with a higher degree of confidence, while when the confidence level is low an operator might decide to hold off making a critical decision.

Speed and Consumption Graphs

FleetDSS 2.0 provides easy access to reported speed and consumption graphs.

awt nov13 fig6

Graphs shown here compare reported speed and reported consumption to charter party terms so an operator can visually evaluate if a vessel is performing.

Dashboard Alerts for Polling / AIS Tracking only vessels

StormGeo projects the polling/AIS track up to two days into the future and uses these tracks to evaluate if any of the following alerts are firing. These alerts give operators an added capability to better manage the safety of their vessels.

New alerts include:

• High winds
• High swell heights
• High significant wave heights
• Entering or in war risk area
• Vicinity of a pirate attack

With FleetDSS 2.0, StormGeo has developed a decision support system that gives operators custom data to identify and manage vessels in need of attention en route. Consequently, it is ideally suited for a company's safety team, fuel efficiency team and operations team. The result is improved vessel performance and safety, and increased efficiency on shore.