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Voyage Calculator

We are excited to release our newest product—Voyage Calculator.

StormGeo Shipping Insights, May 2014
By George Schlinkert, VP of Route Advisory Services

May 2014 Voyage Calculator accurately calculates the distance, speed loss and corresponding cost of a voyage from one port to another and is therefore a valuable tool for ship brokers and charterers, who need accurate voyage time and distance estimates to predict costs.
awt may14 fig1

Voyage Calculator results for cape size vessel from Roberts Bank to Rotterdam.

Increased Accuracy

The traditional way of calculating time and distance estimates is by simply using great circle distances, which is not always accurate or realistic. Voyage Calculator goes beyond these estimates by also utilizing weather and ocean current information that yields expected speed loss via StormGeo's proprietary Climatological Ship Resistance (CSR) model. StormGeo's experience routing thousands of vessels each month and its analysis of more than a decade of weather data makes Voyage Calculator an essential tool for anyone involved in commercial ship operations.

awt may14 fig2

Voyage Calculator showing full and eco-speed options from Brazil to China.

Voyage Calculator is completely customizable to fit each user's specific requirements, providing the most accurate calculations available. Users can input full and eco-speed consumption options, along with hire and fuel costs, and they can tailor the results to show least time, fuel or cost, depending on the user's priorities.

And as with any calculation, the more relevant data you consider, the more accurate the estimate. Voyage Calculator is designed to take into account ECA zones and piracy considerations as well. This way, users are able to fully evaluate the available options, enabling for more accurate bunker planning.

Voyage Calculator is accessible via a web interface and the results are viewed on a full-color online map. For more information, visit our Voyage Calculator web page.