• MikeOBrien

Employee Viewpoint

Mike O'Brien is StormGeo Shipping Senior Operations Manager, New York  

Mike joined StormGeo in 2006, when he opened the company’s New York/New Jersey office, which has since grown significantly. In managing the office, Mike’s day-to-day work may include operations, sales, client meetings, training, or speaking at a conference.

Mike’s wide knowledge base and understanding of customers’ needs gets tested every day, whether he’s training captains from various shipping companies or visiting a specific client in a foreign setting with unique challenges. He finds rewards in meeting these challenges and following through to a good result. He spoke of one example:

“I wear a few different hats. On the operations side of things, I find it very rewarding to achieve success with a difficult routing situation. When I run across a situation where we are putting our minds together, looking at route options and speed options to help a vessel avoid a potentially dangerous situation, I become invested. Even as I move on to other responsibilities, I will follow that voyage to make sure things are working out as planned. When everything comes together and the ship has a favorable passage, it is very rewarding.”

Mike is one of nearly 400 people in StormGeo's offices worldwide, all dedicated to providing decision support for your weather-sensitive operations.