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New StormGeo Collaboration
with Veson Nautical

StormGeo Shipping Insights, March 2015
By Richard Brown, VP of Products & Systems

Increased customer satisfaction is at the forefront of the work of the maritime and oceanology experts, meteorologists, and computer scientists who lead development and operations at StormGeo. The company prides itself with the quality of its work and looks to closely understand customer needs to continuously improve service. With this in mind, StormGeo is pleased to let you know about a new partnership with Veson Nautical, the premier provider of maritime commercial management and trading software.

StormGeo and Veson Nautical have many clients in common and both companies are looking for ways to simplify the data collection and reporting burden for the Captain and crew. To improve client’s working environments and streamline the Captain’s reporting process is the impetus for this new collaboration.

Mutual StormGeo and Veson Nautical clients will have a streamlined process to receive the best data available to make decisions. Using Veslink’s standardized hub, the Captain will now use a standardized form that allows less room for error, both for the Captain entering the data and the Route Analyst reviewing the report. This will simplify the process for the Captain’s reporting, improving report validation and performance analysis. A closer operational integration of the ship and shore-based communication will be the result of this partnership.

The use of Veslink formatted ship reports will ultimately reduce the load on ship’s masters for preparing multiple daily reports — one single integrated report can now be sent at noon. Veslink will act as the hub for all ship-to-shore communications and can be configured to automatically forward the reports to StormGeo. Veslink communication software uses standardized forms with structured data collection to streamline the collection process. StormGeo’s Route Analysts can act quicker on these reports than from those sent from the Captains in free form text.

Veslink Data Flow Diagram

Veslink Data Flow Diagram

John Veson, Veson Nautical Co-President said, “StormGeo is a key leader that consistently delivers valuable innovations and services to the maritime industry. Veson Nautical is delighted to partner with StormGeo, enabling our clients to further optimize their voyage routing.”

StormGeo is pleased to be partnering with Veson Nautical to provide this innovative new service to its clients. The collaboration is based on the demands of many important clients who asked for closer integration between operational ship data and shore-based management.

Read the press release here.