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StormGeo Shipping Insights, November 2015
By Richard Brown, VP, Products and Systems

StormGeo experts have been traveling the world getting input from the market on what kind of products are needed, and over and over again we hear the desire for a fleet performance and analysis tool that is both low cost and easy-to-use. We have heard they are looking for a service that is interactive and flexible to create the KPI’s, analysis reports and graphs they need.

To address these desires, StormGeo has created a new service called AWT SmartWatchTM that takes proactive fleet and performance management to the next level. StormGeo utilizes its historic “Big Data” from routing 50,000 voyages annually to give you insight to your vessels’ performance over time, compared to sister ships or vessels of the same type. And this “smart data” reveals the big picture on historical trends making it easy to make informed, actionable decisions to maximize the performance and efficiency of your fleet.

The AWT SmartWatch service provides uninterrupted data reporting during ocean passages, coastal sailing and while in port with no extra hardware required. And, the workload on the crew is not significantly impacted since the service uses the noon reports as the means to collect data. Watch the video here.

SmartWatch Main Components
Smart Data, Smart Analytics

The advanced analytics tools of AWT SmartWatch provides the power to slice and dice the data in many different ways that gives valuable insight into the historical trends of your vessels over time. Our anonymous performance graph compares the performance of your vessel(s) to other vessels of the same type. This is a great way to see how your fleet stacks up to others. With the daily performance report users can customize their parameters and time period to get a tabular summary page on performance that can be exported to other systems. This is a great tool for pool participants to keep track of how their fleet is performing.

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The KPI dashboard is a very flexible tool that gives the big picture for a fleet, department, vessel(s) and sister ships, for a selected time period or by months or years. These can also be filtered by consumption type, load condition, draft, trim, weather, speed, fuel type, etc.

Proactive Monitoring via Alerts

The service also provides an alert dashboard that makes it easier to find and focus your attention on those vessels that have performance, safety or data quality issues.


An important feature that makes SmartWatch stand out is that it not only looks at historical trends, but also at the current voyage. When a Captain submits his commencement of sea passage report the vessel’s track is displayed in our Fleet

Decision Support System (FleetDSS) and StormGeo's extensive alarm system is activated and alerts are displayed in the alert dashboard. The alarms cover performance issues related to the vessels speed and consumption and safety alarms regarding, heavy weather, vicinity to tropical cyclones, entering war risk areas, vicinity of pirate attacks and even possible encounters with rogue waves. This is a great way to easily manage your fleet and ensure the vessels are running efficiently and safely.

 “On-Demand” Speed and Consumption Analysis

One of the most popular features of AWT SmartWatch is the capability to do an “On-Demand” speed and consumption analysis. With this tool you can select the vessel, a time period and if you want an all-weather or good weather analysis, then click on generate and within seconds you have a complete analysis of the speed and consumption at sea along with an in port weather and consumption analysis. The benchmark terms for speed, consumption, about terms and parameters that determine what constitutes a good weather day can easily be adjusted through the system so you can see what kind of impact this has on the performance.


Using AWT’s SmartWatch service with its Big Data, statistical approach to efficiency and performance analysis provides a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution to actively monitor and take action where needed. This service gives insight on historical trends to evaluate which vessels are performing poorly so you can take corrective action, as well as provides alerts for the current voyage so you can be proactive to over consumption or heavy weather ahead. The bottom line is that StormGeo customers can maximize the efficiency and safety of their fleets.