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StormGeo Weather Studies
Help Deliver Safety
and Efficiency

StormGeo Shipping Insights, May 2015
By John Eaton, Manager Client Services & Voyage Performance

At StormGeo, our goal is to make shipping smarter, safer and more profitable while reducing environmental impact. One way we do this is with Consultancy Services from our specialized Weather Studies Department. Our team of advance degreed meteorologists provide maritime shipping clients with the expertise necessary to make the best decisions possible for their operations. Information is aggregated from StormGeo’s extensive historical weather and ship performance database to provide clients with a level of detail and sophistication not available using public data sources.

The StormGeo Weather Studies Department delivers customized solutions for each unique situation. Here are just a few examples of what StormGeo can offer:

Trade Route Studies

When reliable data is needed to make decisions for long-term route planning, StormGeo’s trade route studies help with fleet management needs.

Reports focus on:

• Average voyage times by season
• Frequency occurance of wind and sea conditions along the route
• Seasonal route options and sea margins

Trade route

This trade route study example shows a winter seasonal analysis (simulated departure daily +/- 45 days from January 15th) with the effects of weather and ocean currents along with wind/wave frequency.

For voyages that present heavy weather challenges along different locations on the route, StormGeo can separate the data analysis into multiple route segments for additional tactical route guidance.

Weather Verification Reports

For situations when you must determine the weather experienced at a specific location or along a past route, StormGeo has extensive resources to extract the needed information. Satellite wind data, ocean buoy observations, nearby ship reports, and hind cast computer model re-analysis are a few examples of the type of data that is provided.

AWT weather analysis

StormGeo weather analysis chart with nearby ship and sea buoy observations, and satellite derived wind field.

Site Specific Climatological Studies

StormGeo’s weather experts can extract detailed weather data, such as joint frequency occurrence tables (JFT), for thousands of points across the globe, presenting information in both tabular and graphical formats for easy access. The information can then be used for risk assessment to make important commercial decisions such as loading or discharging cargo at a port or anchorage location.

Formal reports are then prepared to give additional information, for example Google map imagery, wind and wave rose plots, and an execute summary analysis of all data.

Joint Frequency Table Data AWT

Graphical output of Joint Frequency Table data showing monthly distribution of average and maximum wind, sea and swell conditions over the past 10 years at a given location.

In conclusion, StormGeo recognizes that shipping professionals have an increasing need for detailed and value-added information to provide every possible advantage in today’s competitive market. In order to meet this rising demand, StormGeo has devoted substantial resources and industry expertise to deliver cost-effective solutions in a timely manner for the unique needs of our customers.

Please contact the StormGeo Weather Studies department at weatherstudies@awtworldwide.com to learn more about these customized products and services.