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Trade Route Studies

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Trade Route Studies

When reliable information is needed to make decisions on long-term route planning, StormGeo's trade route studies are a source to consider for your fleet management needs. Our reports can be catered to focus on:

  • Average voyage times by season
  • Frequency occurrences of wind and sea-conditions along the route
  • Seasonal sea margins

The optimal route will, in many occasions, vary by season and trade routes would pick a seasonally normal route for the calculations.


Calculations can show statistical breakdown of expectancies for parameters such as distance and time, thereby also allowing for fuel consumption expectations.  For voyages that encounter heavy weather at different locations along the route, StormGeo can separate the data analysis into multiple route segments for additional tactical route guidance.

Maritime operations can be quite complex and StormGeo can provide a wide variety of information that links together various environmental parameters in order to give you the information needed for successful planning and operations.

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StormGeo's Weather Studies department can provide examples of past work along with customized quotations for all consultative services on demand. Please contact the Weather Studies department at weatherstudies@stormgeo.com for more information.