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Weather Risk Analysis

Weather Verification Reports  

For situations when you need to determine the actual conditions experienced at a specific location or along a past route, StormGeo has extensive resources at our disposal to extract the required information. This is not limited to just winds and waves but may include visibility, precipitation and currents for many locations when available.

Satellite wind data, ocean buoy observations, nearby ship reports, and hind cast computer model re-analysis are just a few examples of the type of data that can be provided. Ship reports and satellite analyzed winds can be seen in the following image.


For specific sites, we can provide detailed expectations of winds and currents, but also parameters such as wind-waves, swell-waves and combined significant waves. 

Similarly, ice charts can be presented based on large or small-scale view.


At StormGeo we have a special weather studies department staffed by meteorologists and oceanographic specialists, holding advanced degrees who provide detailed and comprehensive information to support our maritime shipping clients. This information is leveraged from our extensive and sophisticated historical databases, much of which cannot be found using public data sources.