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Customer Story: CPO Containerschiffreederei & SmartWatch

Customer Story: Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen & AWT SmartWatch™

StormGeo Shipping Insights, December 2016
By Madeleine Engelhardt, Energy Efficiency Management Officer, CPO Containerschiffreederei

For a company like Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen, one of the world’s leading ship managers and service providers for the maritime industry, maintaining the peak performance of its fleet is crucial.

The Challenge
As the owner of a 64-ship fleet, Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen had a vital need for operational data for each one of its ships. In addition, the company needed high-resolution weather forecasts and advanced analytics to supplement the weather reporting available on-board ships and help both Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen and its customers evaluate the impact that weather conditions would have on the ships’ performance.

“We needed to establish a central database that could collect manually edited data and auto-logged data, then allow for significant variability in displaying the data and generating key performance indicators or operational profiles very rapidly,” said Madeleine Engelhardt, Energy Efficiency Management Officer.

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Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen searched for a tool that could handle the scope of its operational data, would allow for rapid data transfer, and could combine multiple data sources into a single, comprehensive visualization.

The tool would require immense flexibility to produce custom dashboards to meet the needs of all the user groups: technical superintendents, nautical superintendents, the energy team, and fleet management among them.

“We had to find a tool that would consider the needs of a vessel owner, such as actionable KPIs referring to ship operation that we can influence,” said Engelhardt. “But we also have to meet the needs of the operators, and they need directional KPIs regarding voyage performance.”

Because the company already had a relationship with StormGeo through the Bon Voyage System installed on board its vessels, they reached out to discover if a tool could be customized to their unique business demands.

“We had excellent experiences with the Bon Voyage System and with weather routing through StormGeo. We knew StormGeo to be a reliable and competent partner,” said Engelhardt.

AWT SmartWatch™ integrated easily with Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen’s existing tools and systems to help the company analyze and manage vessel details such as fuel consumption, engine performance, vessel age and condition alongside alerts for hazards such as heavy weather, war risk, pirate areas, and additional alerts customizable to the user group.
AWT SmartWatch™ is a continuous performance monitoring service designed for owners and owner operators alike. Through the incorporation of high resolution weather data and individual vessel performance data both at sea and in port, AWT SmartWatch provides accurate monitoring of a vessel’s technical and charter performance.

The list of benefits that Containerschiffreederei Claus-Peter Offen attributes to AWT SmartWatch is lengthy. Having more reliable and accurate reporting that is transparent for all users has helped the company to minimize its risk in fulfilling charter contracts and improve its relationships with operators.

“I can generate the specific report I need 20 times faster than before, when I had to use formulas in Excel spreadsheets,” said Engelhardt.

The holistic understanding of operational performance has also helped improve processes to save fuel and oil, lower emissions, and reduce wear on the ships. This helps them meet regulatory requirements and operator expectations.

“The AWT SmartWatch information is invaluable,” said Engelhardt. “We are very pleased to collaborate with StormGeo to continue to customize this tool in the future.”

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