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Ship Routing

Getting you there safely and efficiently

StormGeo has made a business of making world trade more efficient with innovating ship routing services through our own StormGeo Routing. We understand the challenges faced by vessel operators:

  • How to sail the optimal route with minimal cost?
  • Which route will minimize risk for damage to vessel and cargo?
  • How to arrive at a fixed time or achieving the required ETA? 

The ship route planner takes into account weather patterns, forecasts, currents and numerous other operational and environmental factors. All this data comes together to provide captains and fleet managers speed-setting guidance along an optimum route in order to safely and efficiently achieve a desired ETA.

Bringing You Sophisticated Ship Routing Optimization & Management

Data alone is not enough. StormGeo’s proprietary ship route optimization system is the most sophisticated weather routing tool available today, but we also bring expertise. We integrate vessel specifications, such as vessel type, age, stability, cargo, and speed, as well as environmental factors in our system - and then our experienced team of weather routing experts identify the optimal route.

ship routing gets you there safely

StormGeo is the only shore-based ship routing company to use vessel- and voyage-specific severe motion alerts based on the vessel size, draft, stability, speed, heading, and waves.

Alerts show where severe motions are most likely to occur along a route, and indicate headings and/or speeds to minimize the impact of heavy weather damage. We find your most efficient route — and keep your crew, vessel, and cargo safe.

It is exactly this type of complexity that StormGeo are experts in managing. We take care of the ship routing details, freeing up vessel operators to focus on what they do best.

In addition, StormGeo's on-board service, BVS 8 puts voyage planning right in the hands of the captain. Delivering the latest weather and ocean data on-the-go. 

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