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Speed + Consumption Analysis

Speed & Consumption Analysis

Performance Dispute Resolution

Data Analysis

In addition to our Position Validation Service, StormGeo has a dedicated team of End of Voyage analysts that review the continuously increasing amount of data received from the ship captain and various satellite products. Our analysts confirm that the data ingested into the performance report accurately represents the vessel’s speed and consumption on the voyage.

To further improve verification, data provided from the ship, add on services such as Global AIS and Satellite Tracking can be used. The consistent flow of position data empowers our End of Voyage team to pinpoint potential trouble spots, such as speed changes and stoppages, thus, greatly improving the objectivity, accuracy and delivery time of the Vessel Performance Report.

Report Types

StormGeo’s team of End of Voyage professionals have developed several performance report formats which satisfy the various charter party agreements such as those generally used for:

● Bulk Carriers
● Tankers
● Liners

Each report type can be adjusted to honor the Charter Party as it relates issues such as Emission Control Areas (ECA), good weather thresholds, sea surface temperatures and periods of no adverse / favorable currents.

With each report comes the risk of performance dispute. StormGeo’s industry leading Performance Resolution Team is well versed in latest arbitration rulings that can help provide the necessary reply to confirm the approach and data used within the performance report has provided the most accurate time and consumption analysis.