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Port and terminal Weather Service  

How to save costs and increase revenue

Stormgeo’s Port and Terminal Service provide our clients with the tools to assess weather risks and reduce costs. Our experience meteorologist’s worldwide use advanced analytics and recognized models to accurately identify potential disruptions and clearly visualize operational weather windows for specific activities.

The service is designed to assist:

  • Port Logistics; ability to plan operations in and around port (e.g. crane operations, loading, and fueling)
  • Port Authority Vessel Traffic Services; manage vessel operations in and out of port (e.g. berthing operations and pilot operations)
  • Shipping companies; planning of operations such as weather sensitive loading/unloading or changing vessel speed or port of call to maximize efficiencies in adverse weather conditions

Complete Decision Support

Our Ports Service helps port users minimize weather uncertainties, improve the planning of their operations and make informed decisions in order to know when, where and for how long weather conditions will allow for safe operations.

Global multi-location overview and location alerting

Global port operators or shipping companies can, through an easy to navigate dashboard in their dedicated web portal, see all operated ports, monitor major weather threats that StormGeo has identified, monitor potential operational disruptions and track vessel movement.

Weather Risk Dashboard – More than just a forecast

In addition to the standard forecast information, StormGeo goes one step further by matching forecast weather conditions to individual port operations or vessel-specific thresholds, identifying operational weather windows.

  • The decision support tool is presented in an intuitive traffic light format in the web portal.
  • Allows port stakeholders (weather trained or not) to identify at a glance any restrictions to operations out to 5 days ahead, and then plan accordingly.