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Position Validation

Providing Transparent Voyages & Data Integrity

The StormGeo Position Validation Services goes the extra step in proactively asking the ship master regarding an irregularity.

StormGeo’s extensive experience in arbitration provides our clients with a definitive advantage in these disputes because we have access to many years of high quality historical weather and ocean data. Our professionals’ industry knowledge and deep expertise and expert testimony yield insightful client solutions that are easy to understand and acceptable to international tribunals trying to navigate and render an opinion on maritime disputes.

This service benefits either a charterer or an owner.  By finding out the facts during the voyage, the charterers are protected from incorrect information which might affect the calculated performance speed.  The owners are also protected from spurious claims as not all speed anomalies are the result of underperformance or off-hire events but rather can be from such diverse reasons such as SAR operations, dense fog, icebergs in the area or event charterer's orders.