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AWT SmartWatch

Fleet Performance Analysis & Management

We designed our AWT SmartWatch™ service in response to IMO regulations mandating that shipping companies monitor and reduce their carbon footprint. AWT SmartWatch™ puts control in the owners and operators’ hands, capturing and analyzing ship and fleet data to manage fleet efficiency, improve profitability, and meet requirements to reduce carbon emissions. With AWT SmartWatch™, you know you have all key metrics for each vessel, at sea and in port data, capability to manage alerts, data, thresholds and benchmarks to proactively manage fuel efficiency and vessel performance.

AWT SmartWatch™ gives you real-time big picture data and reporting to compare vessel performance to others and make the best decisions possible to improve profitability.

AWT SmartWatch - The Smart Way to Keep a Close Watch on Fleet Performance.


Fuel Efficiency by Vessel Size.