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Global AIS Service

Global visibility for your fleet

Automatic Identification System (AIS) is a shipboard broadcast system that transmits a vessel’s identification, position and other critical data to provide the most complete and timely situational picture of vessel activity worldwide.

Most terrestrial-based AIS systems provide only limited shore-based coverage for vessel monitoring and tracking, but StormGeo's Global AIS Service expands coverage using global satellite-based AIS data to monitor maritime vessels beyond coastal regions. This marine AIS system monitoring maximizes the likelihood of consistent reporting from each vessel in a timely and cost-effective way.

Complete the picture by combining Global AIS service with our live vessel Tracking Service. By combining AIS reports and voyage tracking, fleet managers can closely monitor vessel safety, ETA, and performance to quickly see if a vessel is falling behind schedule or encountering bad weather.

Position Polling

Staying in touch with your fleet

Staying in touch with your fleet is a fleet manager’s dream. With StormGeo’s automated position polling service it’s easier than ever to know exactly where your vessels are and what they are doing anywhere in the world. Real-time, anytime location management give you instant visibility – where vessels are going – where they need to be – including access to speed, wind and eta alert data, giving you full access of your fleet regardless of their location. With all these benefits and more at your fingertips fleet management just got even easier. Contact us now to learn more about advanced vessel monitoring with StormGeo's Global AIS Service.