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Fuel Optimization Service (FOS) Improves Ship Fuel Efficiency

Shipping focused on more efficient fleets

Fluctuating fuel prices and stricter emissions regulations are the leading factors influencing the maritime shipping industry, and everyone knows that managing fuel requirements and improving ship fuel efficiency directly results in improved financial performance and reduced regulatory risk.

Maritime shipping has seen significant challenges over the past few years. Most notably, the introduction of the Ship Energy Efficiency Measurement Plan (SEEMP), the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) and Emission Control Areas (ECAs). As regulations add to the economic demands of shipping, the importance of ship fuel efficiency and voyage optimization is further amplified.

StormGeo recognizes this and is always seeking better ways to improve vessel performance and operational efficiency and our Fuel Optimization Service (FOS) solution, gives ship operators the right tools to make cost-saving decisions.

Voyage Optimization for Ship Fuel Efficiency: How does FOS work?

Using your vessel’s full Charter Party (C/P) speed and consumption as well as any alternative eco-speeds, StormGeo determines the most efficient, safest route, balancing voyage time and fuel consumption. We deliver a voyage time, consumption estimate, and total cost at the recommended speed to meet the ETA (or the vessel’s stated full C/P speed if no ETA required). We also provide alternative eco-speeds and deliver a pre-voyage report that shows calculated time, consumption, and costs for all considered routes. Contact StormGeo to get started.

AWT's Fuel Optimization Service Process

StormGeo's Fuel Optimization Service Process

Sample Graphic from the post voyage report

Sample Graphic from the post voyage report